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Rebecca Hapgood, Treasurer

The information below will help guide vehicle owners with information needed to register.

If you need to visit the BMV Main Branch, please call ahead to ensure their hours and/or if an appointment is necessary at 624-9000.

Thurston Park Stream

A Guide to Motor Vehicle Excise

If you purchase a brand-new vehicle, the dealer must provide the consumer with the window sticker (aka monroney label).  This sticker must then be brought to the town office when registering your vehicle for the first time.  Excise is based on this window sticker not what was paid for the vehicle.  Example: Window sticker shows a base of $20,000, options of $2,500, destination charges of $650 and a dealer discount of $500.

+ $650
- $500
$22,650 is the total shown on the sticker.  However, from this price we would subtract the $650 destination charge making the price of the vehicle for registrations purposes $22,000.

The multiplier rates (mil rates) are as follows:

1st rate        .024
2nd rate       .0175
3rd rate       .0135
4th rate        .01
5th rate        .0065
6th rate        .004      Vehicles “bottom out” at this rate.  Excise does not go any lower.

If you have any questions regarding your excise tax, please contact us at 445-2014 opt 3 or email at

A Guide to Motor Vehicle Registrations

There are many state requirements for vehicle registration.  The following is to be used as a guide.  The actual documents may vary depending on the transaction.

*Please note-proof of insurance means it must be current and for the vehicle that you are registering-if you do not have a card, your policy is not acceptable-please have a card faxed to 445-2014 or emailed to

You will need the following documents to complete your transaction:

  • New registration-dealer sale: Blue title application, purchase & sales agreement, proof of insurance and window sticker (if it is a brand new vehicle-never been titled before)
  • New registration-private sale:  Title (if vehicle is 1995 or newer), bill of sale, and proof of insurance.  Be sure to check title to see if a lien holder is listed on the front.  If the lien has not been released, we cannot register it without a discharge of lien.
  • Transfers:  all of the above apply, and in addition, you must bring your registration to the vehicle that you are transferring from.  Excise credit can only be given if you no longer own the vehicle.
  • Coming to Maine from out-of-state:  Title and registration from previous state and current proof of Maine insurance.  If the vehicle is financed and you do not have the title, you need to bring in paperwork to show who the lien holder is and their current address.

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