Transfer Station

191 Alder Park Rd China, Maine 04358

Transfer Station Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday - 7am-5pm;

Saturday - 7am-3pm

CLOSED Sunday, Monday & Thursday

Telephone: (207) 445-2014, option 2

Tom, Cj, Tim and Josh

China and Palermo User Fees


Any item not kitchen household trash is considered demo and has a disposal fee.


  Please click on below link to view list of fees:

Transfer Station Committee

Transfer Station Committee Members

J. Christopher Baumann
Rachel Anderson
Karen Hatch
James Hines
James Hsiang
Benjamin Weymouth
Tom Maraggio- advisory only
Shawn Reed- advisory only
Robert Kurek- Palermo Representative
Chris Diesch- Palermo Representative

Town of China Recycling Center

The Recycling Center is located at the China Transfer Station at 191 Alder Park Rd. Upon entering the Transfer Station, you will find the Recycling Center as the first building on your right. China recycles plastics, metal and aluminum cans, glass, newspaper & magazines, and corrugated cardboard. Cereal boxes are NOT cardboard and need to be recycled with mixed paper. Only China and Palermo residents may recycle at the China Transfer Station.

Please see the subsection on the side bar for more information on each product

Paintcare is here!! At the Transfer Station for China residents. Latex, oil based, shellacs, primers, sealers and more are now accepted at the Transfer Station. Product containers must have sealed lids and the original label. We can accept amounts up to 5 gallons at one time. Please see the list of acceptable and non-acceptable items or visit for more information on the program.

Our Apparel Impact bin is here! Here is a list of acceptable items (also shown in the 2020 Annual Report) 

  • All clothing
  • All accessories
  • All shoes
  • Sheets/Blankets
Please visit for more information on this program!
Thank you for recycling!

Free for the Taking

Free for the TakingPlease take the time to check out our "Free for the Taking" building. If you wish to leave gently used, unwanted items, please stop and see an attendant! 

Looking to volunteer Karen Hatch and she will gladly add you to the schedule She is always looking for assistance with organizing all the donated items.

Free For the Taking Rules as follows:

  • China & Palermo residents only
  • Must have placard to enter or use this area
  • Please stop and see an attendant before leaving items
  • No broken or dirty items
  • No car seats
  • No electronics
  • No encyclopedias
  • No light bulbs of any kind
  • No mattresses or box springs
  • No worn, ripped, or stained furniture
  • No chemicals of any kind including pool chemicals and antifreeze
  • No food of any kind
  • No weapons of any kind including guns and knives
  • No underwear, no dirty ripped or stained clothes
  • No worn out shoes
  • No ACs or refrigerators

When snow falls and winter is upon us, we cannot leave bulky items outside over night for crew safety and plowing hazards. For this reason, bulky items that cannot fit inside the building must be removed and placed in DEMO at the end of the day. We must charge for these bulky items when dropped off at the Free for the Taking Building as insurance for disposal fees. If these fees are not covered by the person dropping the item off, town funds must be used to dispose of the item. Please stop and see an attendant before dropping ANY ITEM off as there may be a fee associated with the item. If any item is taken from the Free for the Taking Building and RETURNED the fee must be paid by the returning party.

Town Office
571 Lakeview Drive
China, ME 04358

Phone: (207) 445-2014
Fax: (207) 445-2014

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 7:30am - 4:30pm
CLOSED Wednesdays
First & Last Saturday of each month 8am - 11am

Transfer Station
191 Alder Park Rd
China, Maine 04358

Phone: (207) 445-2014, option 2

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday - 7am-5pm
Saturday - 7am-3pm
CLOSED Sunday, Monday & Thursday

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